Welcome to the South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association (SKNA) website.  SKNA is committed to promoting holistic wellness in its neighborhood.  The Association seeks to enhance and preserve the character of the neighborhood, and to nurture a vibrant sense of community among residents.  SKNA greatly values the active participation of its residents.  We strive to create an empowering environment where residents have voice and choice in issues.  The Association cherishes its community partners and firmly believes that synergistic efforts are critical to sustaining well-being at the individual, neighborhood, and community level.  Please take your time navigating our website. Whether you are a resident of our neighborhood or another, we value your participation.  We invite you to contact us with questions, concerns, interests, ideas, and suggestions.  Together, let us share, grow, and celebrate!

For more information please e-mail us at info@southkilbourne.org